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Consulting Services

RMS Associates offers consulting services for all types of telecommunications projects, including those listed below.

Telecommunications Billing Analysis


  • Audit Telco bills

  • Provide a detailed inventory of lines, services and charges

  • Work with Telco to resolve billing issues and discrepancies

  • Leave customer with Excel spreadsheet for future updating

Network Design and Analysis


  • Design network options to increase quality, enhance functionality and provide cost savings

  • Analyze current phone system(s) for potential networking opportunities through upgrades or replacement

  • Integration of voice and data services

  • VoIP Feasibility Analysis

  • Private vs. Leased backbone Analysis (leased circuits, fiber, etc.)

  • Wireless Network Analysis

​Request For Proposal Development and Management


  • Voice Services (phone systems, voice mail, cellular, etc.)

  • WAN Infrastructure (copper, fiber, wireless, etc.)

  • Interior Cabling

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Data Hardware (routers, switches, etc.)

​Project Management


  • Voice Services (phone system implementations)

  • WAN Services (fiber networks, leased networks)

  • Data Services (LAN projects)

  • Miscellaneous Project Management Services

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